Sweety Dress

All Dresses & Tops have a unique built in slimming under layer which is very flattering.

Our specially designed sports fabrics work with you!

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30 Love provides a sense of great personal achievement by producing top quality flattering ladies clothing for most sports; Including Tennis, Badminton, Golf, Squash, Gym, Running, Spinning, Cycling, Zumba, Dancewear, Aerobic, Yoga, Palates, Cheer Leading, Kick Boxing. Ladies Sports clothing for all ages to promote feeling slimmer, ease with mobility and look great while working out! 30 Love ladies sports clothes with a choice of dresses, shorts, skirts, skorts, tops and leggings. Clothing designed and carefully put together using unique styles & bright & pretty colours! Seasonal collections of flattering sportswear to suit all ages - young, middle aged and mature.